Don't let your assets, lives of your loved ones and your future go up in flames...

Creator of The eXit Framework of Fire Safety

Don't let your assets, lives of your loved ones and your future go up in flames...

Creator of The eXit Framework of Fire Safety

Download Manish’s latest Book on Fire Safety – “Raze the Blaze”!
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Do you know what is one serious crime most of us do?

We neglect fire safety!

Fires severely impact people, property and the environment. In fact, We are living in an environment which can go up in flames the very next second. But we neglect safeguarding ourselves ourselves from fire. It costs us heavily —

High rate of casualties

According to India Risk Survey 2017 published by FICCI, the “Risk of Fire” has been ranked fifth biggest threat in India. Every year, about 25,000 persons die due to fires and related causes.

Huge monitory loss

According to another survey conducted by a trade association they estimated about Rs. 1000 crores are lost every year due to fire!

Great onus on general public

There is a shortage of 97.59% fire stations in the country and that put onus on us to keep ourselves and our property safe.

Manish Khatana, aka the custodian of fire safety has made it a mission of his life to change this scenario. As he famously says...
आग से बचेगा इंडिया, तभी तो सुरक्षित रहेगा इंडिया।

About Manish

Manish Khatana is an undisputed authority and a go-to contact for Fire Prevention & Safety best practices.

After spending many years studying the root-causes of fire hazards and accidents he developed the eXit Framework of Fire Safety that helps people understand the fire phenomenon and how to comprehensively deal with it.

He has been recognized and invited by Govt. of India to present his thoughts & suggestions for comprehensive fire safety solutions. He is also a founder of Palladium – a Fire Safety Solutions providing company.

Since a decade, Manish is involved in formulating & delivering fire safety engineering solutions and also helping people foray into fire safety business to develop an eco-system where no stone remain unturned to keep people & properties safe from fire hazards.

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“Great learning book!”
It is an excellent resource which is being used to help update our fire risk assessments. Without this book we couldn’t have put in place such robust fire safety mechanism.

Chetan jain
(CEO, Taurus Packaging Pvt. Ltd.)

“An eye-opening book.”
The first thing I did was to install fire safety equipments at my home and office. I would like to thank Manish to write a book on such ian important subject.

Utssav Gupta
(CEO, Creators Architects)

“No stress - all peace.”
Manish should be complemented for writing this book and also for all he does to help people safeguard from fire. Hat's-off to his vision and thoughts.

Vinod Chhillar
(Custom Home Builder, Chhillar Homes)

How Manish helps you...

With his technical expertise and long hands-on experience in the fire safety industry Manish can help you formulate fail-proof fire safety plan and can also help you build a flourishing business in fire safety.

Are you looking for affordable fire-safety solutions?

Is over-priced fire safety equipments discouraging you install the same at your home, factory or workplace? Manish founded Palladium to make fire safety solutions available at "World's Lowest Price", guaranteed. Learn more

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Are you looking for a fail-proof fire prevention and preparedness program, that can avoid costly damages and potential fines to your business.

Or, do you need and expert’s advice on how to start your own flourishing fire safety solutions business? Manish can help you...

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“Manish is a living legend.”
I don’t think anybody else poses as much knowledge about Fire Safety as Manish does. He has a passion to make the world Fire Threat Free.

Amit Garg
(Director, Gold MOHUR Profiles limited)

“A true custodian of Fire Safety.”
By helping people start their own fire safety business Manish is not only filling the void in industry but also helping people make more profit.

Solomon Daniel
(Creator of Solo Sales Method)